About Us

Reliance Pattern Solutions was incorporated in 1961, and has been run in its present format since 1988.

we are therefore able to offer a wide range of pattern making processes, all well within our field of experience, which adds up to many man hours.

We are a small company and are able to offer a personal service so as to ensure total customer satisfaction.

Our CAD CAM department allows us to combine the latest technology alongside conventional skills

An overview of some of the great work Reliance Pattern Solutions has completed

A midland company recently re designed its complete series of fitness machines. This incorporated both Vacuum forming and P.U. foam mouldings, Reliance took the tooling project from start to finish producing prototype tooling for exhibition and photographic work and we are currently in progress with full production tooling.

A project to produce Interior vacuum formed substrate panels for a top end of the market British hand built sports car. Is currently in progress this has required parts for- Head lining, centre console, door casings, upper and lower quarter panels, boot linings Plenum panel, seat squabs, parcel shelves, front and rear wheelarch linings.

Rubber floor mats and RIM parts are also required.

Parts produced from tooling manufactured at Reliance can be found in or on a variety of products produced by all of the following and many more; Aston Martin , Mitsubishi, Rover, Jaguar, Renault, J.C.B., L.D.V. Boss Trucks, Ford, Rolls Royce.

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